Here’s what we do at Stronghold to promote profitable growth

Supply chain management

Simplify your supply chain to increase productivity and reduce costs. How do we do it?

  1. Centralised global platform.
    Our supply chain analysis ensures inventory levels will match production demand.

  2. Global and Local Suppliers allows you to collect stock from other locations with comprehensive inventory management.

  3. By controlling logistics, customs requirements and carrier relationships we guarantee reliable deliveries.

Inventory Management

Our experts will optimise inventory management to meet all your business needs.

eBusiness Services

Efficient and secure handling of electronic business transactions to reduce your procurement processes

Avoiding the customer activities required before assembling the main product. Your main advantages:

  1. EDI ( Electronic Data Interchange). Exchange of standard business documents such as purchase orders, invoices, inventory levels and shipping notices.

  2. Software solutions facilitate the exchange of business documents and data across a variety of ERP platforms and programs.

  3. Time Saving and Security

  4. Accuracy and Elimination of Manual Errors

Kitting and Assembly

Customised kits of any kind.We take care of all stages: from supply, to checks and packaging, all the way to production.

Avoiding the customer activities required before assembling the main product. Your main advantages:

  1. Reduction of the workforce required

  2. Reduction of the space needed for storage and assembly of kits

  3. Reduction of handling costs

Logistic Service - Kanban Solutions

Managing the entire flow of handling small metal parts by reducing time, costs and dispersion to improve the efficiency of your company.

Our team has developed three types of application of RFID technology to logistics services, with the aim of keeping costs low while achieving maximum efficiency. That’s what we offer:

How we work

1. Digital Scan

Scan the label of the empty boxes in the customer warehouse

2. Transmission

Transmission of the information to us via GPRS handhelds

3. Order Received

We receive the order, upload it to our system and create picking lists

4. Shipment

We ship the order to the customer and distribute it along his lines

5. Reiterate

The cycle repeats

Main Advantages

Errors elimination

No more errors in the recording or reading of barcodes

Transport reduction

The punctuality of the data allows the elimination of special transport for emergencies

Inventory reduction

Zero waste allows you to schedule more precise inventory

Movements reduction

The material does not transit or stop in areas other than the central buffer

No more wasted time

The material is immediately available

Process Elimination

The decanting process is no longer required

Flexibility means understanding your challenges and supporting you far beyond standard services. By our 360° approach we develop individual solutions to
maximize your profitability.

A new beginning for your company is in good hands.
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